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Material: Recycled Wood from found antique furniture

Lost Stories presents a collection of sustainable furniture and objects featuring a deconstructive reimagination of antique furniture with the aim of passing on the stories of people and objects lost in time. Encountering furniture that has outlasted the unknown lives of those who created them, lived with them, and left marks on them, the collection intends to evoke a sense of humanity by delving into objects’ encapsulated stories and memories.

Material: Baltic Birch Plywood

Dimension:27" x 17" x 19"

Entirely composed of Baltic Birch 

Plywood, Twig chair is a CNC manufactured chair intends to reveal the inconspicuous beauty inside this material and draws a contemplative dialogue between humans, nature, and industrialization.


Acrylic, Aluminum, Cooling Fans,

Heat Sinks, Peltier Coolers. 

Dimension:14" x 8" x 4"


A mirror constantly covered by 

condensate to create an infinite 

fleeting moment that expresses 


Material: Bendy Plywood, Baltic Birch Plywood

Dimension: 23” x 17 3/4” x 25”

A chair intends to sensually create the ephemeral experience of twilight through human’s intimacy with sitting.


Material: Mahogany,Walnut, White Oak

Dimension:10" x 7 3/4" x 2 1/4"

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