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Twig Chair, 2022

A Chair

Material: Baltic Birch Plywood

Dimension:27" x 17" x 19"

        Entirely composed of Baltic Birch Plywood, Twig chair intends to reveal the inconspicuous beauty inside this material and its mundanity. With CNC milling down laminated plywood, the contour lines of birch veneers gradually shape a pattern resembling the growth rings of trees. Inspired by waterfalls and human figure, Twig Chair’s minimalist sculptural form is a metaphor for humanity: through its form and materiality, Twig Chair wishes to draw a contemplative dialogue between humans, nature, and industrialization.

        Twig Chair could be produced by recycled and wasted commercial-used plywood to create a sustainable, economical, and aesthetic future product.

       Twig Chair will be exhibited at WantedDesign Manhattan LaunchPad 2024 from May 19-21. 

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Working Process

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